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Branding + Naming + Web desing

“You have a vision…let’s make it better than you ever dreamed”

A great BRAND can make the difference FOR YOUR BUSINESS

This is why it is necessary for us to guide you on a step by step journey in creating your unique identity. We want to help you focus so that the true essence of what you do can be brought to life through your new brand.

Our branding service:

  • Looks at the core values of your business
  • Analyses your market and history
  • Discovers what makes you special

We take this information as a basis to shape your visual identity and finally create an authentic brand.

We know that branding may seem like a big investment, but it plays an essential part in the future success of your business. You will find it becomes the heart of everything you do. We want you to enjoy your branding journey and look forward to being a support as well as an inspiration each step of the way.

What we can do for you

Branding strategy

Brand Identity design

Creative & Art Direction

Product & Lifestyle photography


Web design

Our tailored


The Discovery phase:

Once you have decided that you are in love with our work and would like to team up, we will create an online chat or in presence session to see if we will be a good fit. Following our chat, we will give you an initial proposal for approval. Once you are happy with this proposal you will receive your very own client portal information so that you can keep up to date with your branding project. At this point you will also receive any other necessary forms and information we need to start the project. Finally we will create a Discovery Phase PDF document where we outline your brand voice, establish who your ideal client is and find your brand’s keywords in order to produce a first visual mood board.

The Design phase:

Once the Discovery Phase PDF is approved, we will move onto the design process. Good design attracts good clients, so we take this part very seriously. I will prepare a visual identity proposal and present it to you via an in-depth concept presentation. The presentation will include everything from logo design to other branding elements (depending on your chosen package) such as a suggested colour palette and also a moodboard for styled photography that would work across a wide variety of platforms. We will revise and perfect the proposal until you are happy with a final version, allowing us to then finish any complimentary collateral you have chosen.*If you have web design service in your package, we will finish this phase once the website is done. 


The launch phase:

Now that you have a compelling new brand identity, it’s time to launch! We will help you to pick a launch date, look at your launch strategy and create some striking visuals. All your design files will be sent to you in an organised zip folder so you have quick and easy access and we will also provide you with a new brand manual which will continue to help you evolve your brand. At this point you will be ready to show the world who you are – let the celebration begin!

the clients


One of the best experiences I’ve ever had working with a brand stylist

“I knew from our first conversation she was different. Mercy went above and beyond expectation, she saw the potential of what our brand could be. Not only did she provide expert designer advice, she also styled our brand to be unique and impactful in the marketplace. We absolutely love the work she did for us. Bonus: she was timely and professional. We are happy to continue working with her for all of our design needs.”

The perfect studio to give you the right direction for your brand

“Branding is definitely one of the most important part of a successful and growing business. In Mallorca Wedding Collective we are more than aware of that and so we decided to collaborate with the best one in this field in Spain: Mercy Guzmán

When it comes to a brand as creatives we often forget about client’s needs and their thinking and we focus on our art. That is why Mercy is the perfect person to give you the right direction for your brand. Her ideas are visually attractive but usable and strategic at the same time. Mallorca Wedding Collective is ready to launch its journey also thanks to this amazing and talented human who immediately understood our needs and helped us developed our ideas.”

A brand image that I totally identify with it.

“Your professionalism. I liked that from the beginning all the immense work that came from the front was super well structured, with clear guidelines and well-marked steps. This has meant having my corporate image and website in record time and with exceptional quality. You have been able to shape what I had in mind, you have built my brand image and I feel like I totally identify with it. It gives me strength and security. This was the goal when I decided to make the investment and it is more than accomplished. I am more than grateful.”

Branding + Web design


Branding + Naming + Art Direction

Invest in

We understand that new branding is a big investment both personally and financially. When you choose to work with us we fully understand you are putting your trust in us and this, we take very seriously. Your dream becomes ours and we’ll treat it as such.

Branding projects start at:
3500€ (from 4 to 6 weeks)

Branding & Web design starts at:
7500€ (from 6 to 9 weeks)