Terms and conditions


All pricing estimates are valid for 30 days from the date of communication unless otherwise indicated. Once the 30 days expire, The Visual Corner reserves the right to modify the pricing. For the approval and reservation of dates, 50% of the total due must be paid. The client commits to making available all necessary materials (photographs, content and any relevant information) by the agreed start date.*

*If the client does not have the material available on the start date, a new start date will be agreed upon within no less than one week.



We will establish a workflow that will allow all parties involved to be as productive as possible. Before we begin, establishing certain norms is indispensable, including:

  • Preparing all documentation needed by TVC before beginning the project.
  • Making correct use of e-mail. There are other ways to communicate with us and each one of them has a purpose.
    • Pinterest: For the creation of secret boards where we can share images that inspire or help with the development of the project.
    • Documents shared on Google Drive for meeting notes, important information and excel sheets to develop websites.
    • What’sApp: The use of this tool is restricted to work hours from 10 to 4, Monday through Friday and only for instances previously agreed upon. It should not be used as a medium for sending information relevant to the project.
    • Dopbox: A system of shared folders where we can have information relative to the project available to the parties involved.
  • Radical modifications or changes after the beginning of the project will be evaluated by The Visual Corner and can incurr additional charges.
  • Once the project has been delivered (after final payment has been made) no modifications to the design are admitted. For web-based projects, you have 15 natural days to test your project. Only corrections of elements that do not function properly will be carried out.



All additional design jobs requested while working on a project will be evaluated and priced separately. Additional jobs with a price above 250€ will be paid in two payments of 50% each.

The Visual Corner reserves the right to accept said orders.



All web projects will bear the signature of our studio. Our signature will include our commercial name and a link to our webpage.

If you would not like our signature to appear on your project, you must pay an extra 20% fee of the total cost of the project. This quantity is never less than 200€ for the right to remove our commercial name.



Once the budget has been approved by the client and 50% of the initial cost has been paid, the client is committed to paying 100% of the contracted project.

The 50% initial payment is non-refundable unless a major issue is presented. This will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Deadlines may be delayed if the necessary material is not handed in by the client on the dates agreed. Delays in the delivery of materials or necessary feedback can incurr additional costs.

All projects must be paid in full before the delivery of final material. Once the payment has cleared with The Visual Corner, the project and/or the final files will be delivered.